Romeoville and Joliet

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Cummings moves from Maine to Chicago to live with Odin, his boyfriend. The economy is bad, and Cummings can’t find a full-time job.  He takes a consulting project with the Wellness Foundation for Optimal Health, a health care philanthropy near Joliet, known locally as Healthy Wealthy because of its substantial assets.

Arriving at Healthy Wealthy, he discovers a board of trustees who despise each other.  Soon, they begin to die off under increasingly strange medical circumstances. 

Is one of the Trustees the murderer?  The police think so, but Cummings doesn’t.  He discovers several forgotten local murders, and realizes these may be linked to the Healthy Wealthy deaths.  Eventually, he finds the intersection between the current murders and the historical ones – and discovers that all of the killings, in a twisted way, are driven by love.

Meanwhile, Cummings tries to settle into his new relationship in Chicago – which is not without problems – while trying to mediate a land dispute between his brainiac stepmother and her neighbors back in Maine.

The book climaxes with a murder in an abandoned amusement park, followed by a wedding sequence in which everything goes hilariously wrong.

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