The Anonymous Donor is Named a Winner

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David Steven Rappoport’s short story, The Anonymous Donor, has received Honorable Mention in the New England Crime Bake’s annual Al Blanchard Award Competition.


David Steven Rapport is Snowbound

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The Anonymous Donor, a mystery short story, appears in the latest anthology of New England crime stories from Level Best Books, Snowbound.


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Advance Review Quotes – Husbands and Lap Dogs Breathe Their Last

"Rappoport's unique debut novel serves up a diverting cornucopia of eccentric characters and whimsical situations for fans of the detective novel: everything from a gay detective to contemporary pagans, spontaneous combustion, an orgone box factory in Maine, gothic mansions in Chicago, and much more."

- David Carter, author of Stonewall and Allen Ginsberg: Spontaneous Mind

"Witty, sardonic and fast-paced, Husbands and Lap Dogs Breathe Their Last sends an engagingly eccentric sleuth chasing down a tangled skein of clues that reach from rural Maine to Chicago's occult scene and back again. Highly recommended."

- John Michael Greer, author of The New Encyclopedia of the Occult and editor of The Golden Dawn

"If there were an award for the gayest novel of the year, David Steven Rappoport's latest mystery thriller would surely be a hot contender. Set in Chicago's Magickal underworld, this book takes us to a gay occult meeting in Chicago, which is interrupted by a murder by spontaneous combustion. Not your everyday noir mystery, the novel is purple shading into ultraviolet. Exciting and fast paced, Husbands and Lap Dogs Breathe Their Last is a full of an extraordinary number of extraordinary people, any one of which might be the killer. Just when you’ve gotten tired of the usual coming out saga or fantasy romance, I would recommend this funny and exciting new novel that both parodies the world of spirits but also bows gracefully to it.”

- William Hoffman, author of As Is and The Ghosts of Versailles